Should I upgrade to Windows 10?
Q: I’m getting the “Get Windows 10” alert on my computer in the bottom right-hand corner. Should I download it? What you’re actually seeing is an invitation to reserve a copy of the Windows 10 upgrade when it becomes available, which isn’t until July 29. Microsoft is taking a... Read more
Twitter to increase word limit for direct messages to 10,000 from July
In a piece of good news for Twitteratti, Twitter has decided to increase the word limit for direct messages (DMs) to 10,000 characters from the present 140. Twitter’s product designer Sachin Agarwal informed developers of the news ahead of the change, which will be rolled out to users in... Read more
Facebook is measuring the time you spend on News Feed Stories
In its effort to enhance the news feeds for Facebook users worldwide, the social media leader is now measuring the length of time that users spend on news feed stories. The change comes consequent to data culled from a survey that sought rating from users  on their experience and... Read more
Amazon’s first transparency report details data requests for 2015
Amazon has finally published a bi-annual transparency report (PDF), revealing the kinds of data requests it received from the government in recent months and how the company responded to them. Apparently, from January 1st to May 31st, 2015, the e-commerce giant got: 813 subpoenas – Amazon provided all the... Read more
Apple reportedly scrapped a Sonos-like Beats speaker
Shortly after it acquired Beats, Apple spiked one of Dre and Co.’s pet projects, according to a report from Variety. The product was supposedly a WiFi-connected speaker that could directly play internet subscription music, similar to offerings from Sonos or Google’s Cast. Beats wanted to make a large speaker... Read more